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Black Mulberry

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Who are We?

  • A proudly owned family business of over 20 years based in Fremont, CA specializing in manufacturing Afghani Sweets and sales of rare commodities of Dried Fruits and exotic teas.

What We offer to You?

  • We conveniently bring a new world of delightful and delicious confectionaries and foods at a great value right to your home and family! Our products are the perfect complement to your table at home. Enjoy!

Why Ariana?

  • Our sweets are natural and hand crafted to perfection!

  • Our dried fruits are organic and come from third world countries such as Afghanistan where proceeds will help local farmers build their livelihoods and support their families.

  • Our ALOKOZAY teas are handpicked and packed to perfection in above ISO standards to give you the most flavor.

  • Our many candies and chocolates are world known and delicately imported for your enjoyment.

  • Ariana Sweets is the right choice. Try Our Products, We Guarantee You Will Love Them!





How to Best Utilize this Online Retail Store

No Question Asked Money Back Guarantee

  • If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with any of our products, we will gladly exchange, credit, or refund your order. It’s a win-win situation.










Alokozay Tea

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Frosted Almonds


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Milk Fudge


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Do you know of a store in your area that you'd like to see ARIANA SWEETS products in?


Please let us know about it and we will contact them about carrying our products. If you wish to have us email or call you once we have contacted the store, please include your information below.



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