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About Us

It is said that nothing can substitute for experience and we at Ariana Sweets can attest to that first hand. We have experience in producing and wholesaling Afghani sweets and foods, importing rare ethnic delicacies from the farthest corners of the world, and serving a wide array of customers in North America. Established in 1988, we have over 20 years of experience in the industry; far more than any of our competitors in the world. We are a family owned and operated business proudly managed by Seddiq Zarabi and Abdullah Zarabi. Many of our defining characteristics are where we came from, how professionally we conduct business, how respectfully we treat our customers, and how detailed we are in the manufacturing of our products. Ariana Sweets is headquartered in America’s most Afghan populated city Fremont, California, 30 miles southeast of San Francisco.


Food safety and hygiene

are paramount to our philosophy. From the purchase of raw materials to arrival of imported foods to the shipping of finished products worldwide, we make sure to stringently check every step of the process. As a small and expanding business, we also feel a great sense of social responsibility. To do our share for the environment, we use recycled plastics and cartons for our packaging, use “smart” power industrial supplies for less energy, and low flow mechanisms for our water equipments. In addition, Ariana Sweets is committed to the use of state of the art distribution technology which ensures our goods reach customers in peak condition. We have proudly partnered with some of the leading shipping companies in North America to effectively ship our products anywhere in the world conveniently, economically, and efficiently. The Ariana Sweets brand is industry leading in the US ethnic Afghan foods sector and has a growing presence in several metropolitan Canadian and European cities.


Our founder and owner, Mr. Seddiq Zarabi, strongly believes that to produce the best products in the world, we have to purchase the best products in the world, and to attract and retain the best customers in the world, we should strive to provide the best customer service in the world. By abiding to this belief, we have become North America’s leading manufacturer of Nuqul and other fine quality Afghan sweets and confectionaries. Our objective is to establish Ariana Sweets as the most recognized, trusted, and respected brand for Nuqul and Afghani Sweets in the world.













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